Where’s your Teenager

Residents of the Cambridge Park area in Ringsend have been subjected to eggs, stones and bottles being thrown at their properties by a gang of local youths.

One property situated near the entrance to Ringsend Park had its windows cracked while a young family sat inside. On a separate occasion a rope was tied between the front door and railings preventing escape. Senseless vandalism of this nature has been going on for three months in the area.

Local Property Consultant Patsy O’Keefe said, “Ringsend is a great place to live, the last thing we need is trouble from a small minority.”

There are railings missing at the park entrance which allows ‘hooded youths’ to access a gated area. These youths are causing considerable problems as they have easy access and escape routes through the park.

The situation is clearly upsetting for the families living there, especially the ones with young children. Despite all this, the residents still enjoy living in the area.

By Rupert Heather