Educate Together Update

Educate Together Update

Educate Together’s Amy Swearingen contacted NewsFour with some updates on how things are progressing for the area’s new school, which now has an official name – Shellybanks.

“Shellybanks is the name locals from Ringsend, Irishtown and Sandymount call the beach area in Sandymount at Strand Road by Sean Moore Park,” Swearingen tells NewsFour. “There is significant history and heritage around the location which was a scene in James Joyce’s novel, Ulysses, and was a cherished site of James Joyce and his wife, Nora. Our committee members felt it was both inclusive and unique which we felt most accurately represented the diversity of the broader community the school will serve.”

The school’s logo (pictured above) was designed by graphic designer Lorenzo Tonti. “The logo was selected by a majority vote among school committee members,” says Swearingen. “It was chosen because it is colourful and has an organic feel to it, reflecting the natural beauty of the school’s namesake, Shellybanks beach.”

Shellybanks will open this September with two Junior Infants classes (not a Junior and Senior as we previously reported), comprising 58 pupils. All 58 places have now been filled.

We hope to have an announcement on a temporary location for the school in our next issue.

By Eric Hillis