The Wall of Names

Wall of names_landscape 1

The George Reynolds flats complex in Irishtown is a hive of activity. They are a first-class example of what is achievable when a group of individuals pool their skills for a common goal. From the displays of floral colour attributed to the efforts of resident Claire Power to the summer barbeques and discos, George Reynolds flies the flag of community spirit. The reason for this is largely because the residents are actively taking charge of their own environment.

The 77-foot wall that sprawls itself across the length of the complex was not painted when the flats were refurbished some years ago. Resident Anthony Byrne took matters into his own hands and organized a paint day. On April 1st the wall was painted by a group of local volunteers. Before this happened, however, the residents painted their names across the wall, making their mark on what had become the dwellings’ most recent object of controversy.

Some people initialled it, some grouped their families together and some, like Lilolil, went tongue-in-cheek with her nickname. The wall will now act as a constant memorial to all who have lived in George Reynolds flats and there is a plaque placed on the wall in commemoration of all its deceased residents.

Anthony Byrne told NewsFour about one particular resident, the late Lar Dunne, whose saying had always been, “The flats aren’t finished until that wall is painted.”

Pictured from left to right: Anthony Byrne, Agnes White, Claire Power, Lily (Lilolil) Benson and Noel Carr.
Photos by Maria Shields O’Kelly.

By Maria Shields O’Kelly