Poison Cupcakes and Fun

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This year’s Halloween festivities saw a myriad of events hit Ringsend. The spooky season saw three days of fun organised by the Ringsend Community Services Forum.

Ringsend and Irishtown Community Centre welcomed local kids for a two-hour poison cupcake workshop, with a Haunted Disco taking place in Stella Maris Rowing Club later in the evening. Thursday saw a Cheerios Pyjama Breakfast Party in the Spellman Centre, with the itinerary concluding with a parade through Ringsend on Friday afternoon.

NewsFour spoke to Sueann Moore of the Spellman Centre at the poison cupcake workshop. Organisers had anticipated an audience in the region of 30 children with catering available. However, expectations were greatly surpassed, with as many as between 70 and 80 kids turning up to partake in the occasion. To set the tone and indeed, to settle things down, a prize was awarded to “the quietest kid” before the kids and crew got stuck into the cupcakes!

“It’s brilliant,” Moore said. “It means that children are associating Halloween not just with bonfires and drinking and getting into trouble, but rather they’re associating it with creativity and having fun.”

The workshop saw kids bust their creative chops with different decorations for cupcakes, while there was a table set aside for face-painting. Catering for the event was provided by Aisling O’Connor, a friend of Moore’s, who also designed the decorations for the day. Moore said that the Forum’s goal was to unite all the local voluntary bodies, parents and schools in order to facilitate and enjoy the festivities. “We’re hoping to bring all of the different facets of the community together.”

By Craig Kinsella