Ringsend Architorture

Ringsend Plaza Architorture

A meeting was convened at Ringsend library on the morning of November 6th 2014 to discuss a long-standing bone of contention: the condition and usability of the plaza area immediately surrounding the library.

The meeting was chaired by independent councillor Mannix Flynn, following a motion raised before the city council by Labour councillor Dermot Lacey.

The condition of the plaza, and the general area immediately surrounding Ringsend library has resurfaced in recent weeks as a topic for discussion, especially in light of increased foot traffic caused by the recent opening of the Artisan Food Parlour.

Many were in attendance and the floor was almost immediately opened up for contributions rather than any preamble. What comments the chairman did offer were to provide his own impression of the architectural problems of the plaza, and to ask those in attendance whether or not they agreed. The phrase he used was “hostile and confusing”, to which everyone assented.

By Rúairí Conneely