St Patrick’s School: Journalists of tomorrow?

st patricks school

The 5th and 6th class pupils of St. Patrick’s Primary school for boys are taking a shine to journalism and recently got the chance to pose a few questions to some of the NewsFour crew.

They are currently undertaking a project on writing and journalism, and have already been working very hard on writing technique and style in class.

Teacher Laura Duff thought it would be a good idea to get some tips and advice from those working in the industry. The very enthusiastic students had some questions already prepared and took turns in firing them at the Editor, Journalist and Photographer from NewsFour who were happily surprised to see such interest.

The majority of the questions were directed to NewsFour photographer Ross Waldron, who was asked about the famous people he had photographed and the interesting places his camera had taken him.

The boys also showed great interest in the role of the editor, asking intelligent questions about how the cycle is scheduled, editing of articles, production costs and print-run numbers.

The prize for the most reluctantly answered question by the journalist went to, “How old were you when you started working with NewsFour?”

Due to the high level of interest and maturity on the part of the pupils, it was decided that the pupils would begin work on their own piece for the next issue of NewsFour. A number of possible subjects have already been earmarked as contenders, including Cambridge Boys, the Local Youth Club and the School’s recent success at Croke Park.

There was no shortage of volunteers for the photography and journalist posts, with almost all of the boys showing interest in these two areas. There will be plenty of work to go around with research and interviews to be carried out also.

NewsFour are delighted to be of assistance with this exciting new venture for the boys of St Patrick’s School. Look out for their debut in the next issue of NewsFour.

By Maria Shields O’Kelly