Love Blast Valentine's Day

A mother of an autistic boy needs your help!

Helen Walsh came across a family through the hamper scheme that she organizes at Christmas. She told NewsFour “I really want to help a bit more so I want to Love BLAST them on Valentine’s Day. It is a mum raising 3 sons, one of whom is severely autistic. The state helps, but she is a fine line away from becoming homeless. I am going to work with her to see if I can help her find another way to bring in some income”.

In the meantime she needs 100 people on board to do one small thing that will give the family a month to breathe: buy a Valentine’s Day card, write a small message inside and put a fiver in it. Helen will deliver these to the mother and her boys as a surprise on Valentine’s Day gift. If you want to help visit the Love BLAST Facebook page for more information.

By Steve Kingston

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