15 Years of the Guinness Storehouse

15 Years of the Guinness Storehouse

Cooperage Yard.
Pic: Guinness Archives

Calling all Dublin 4 locals: have you or has someone you know ever worked for Guinness?

Perhaps your Grandfather was a cooper or maybe you know someone who works there now? If so, NewsFour would love to talk to you!

It is 15 years since the award-winning Guinness Storehouse opened its doors and NewsFour is marking the occasion with a feature on this national treasure. The Guinness brand is synonymous with Dublin and this is reflected in the fact that half of all holidaymakers to Dublin visit the Storehouse!

15 years of the Guinness Storehouse

Loading Guinness trucks.
Pic: Guinness Archives

The tour consists of a very creative and interactive exhibition of the brewing process, depicting how methods have evolved throughout the decades. The waterways of Dublin were instrumental for transportation, therefore we would be interested to interview those who may have been involved at any stage of production.

To contribute, simply email Maria at marianewsfour@gmail.com, or call the NewsFour offices on (01) 667 3317.

By Maria Shields O’Kelly

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