MOMA, NY collaborates with Science Gallery

But isn’t science boring3

In a world exclusive, Trinity College’s Science Gallery have collaborated with the Museum of Modern Art in New York to create Design and Violence.

Developed by Ralph Borland, Lynn Scarff and Ian Bruswick, the project is based on an online curatorial experiment carried out by the museum in 2013. It examines the myriad of ways that design intersects with violence, both intentionally and through unintended consequences.

For the first time, visitors will get to examine how art and technology are used to oppress as well as to resist, and to explore the role of design in relation to human rights and bodies both in Ireland and abroad. The exhibition will feature a look at new technologies for warfare and social control, and question the ways that people can identify violence in their everyday lives.

Experts from such diverse fields as science, philosophy, literature, music, film, journalism, and politics will be present to respond to and debate certain aspects of the exhibition.

The exhibits will highlight the violence present in everyday life through AK-47s, military drones, downloadable guns and weaponized computer viruses. Through use of virtual reality, visitors will be able to immerse themselves in a visual simulation in which they can experience and reflect upon solitary confinement.

The full list of events and exhibits that will run alongside the exhibition will be available at Science Gallery Events from Thursday October 13th.

By Kevin Carney