Trick or treat for Temple Street


On October 25th, the Ringsend and Irishtown Carer and Toddler Group held a Trick or Treat for Temple Street party for a very excited group of princesses, vampires, little supermen, fairies, witches and warlocks.

Halloween is a special time in Ireland and most of us have great memories of the stories and traditions we enjoyed when we were young. Not just the trick or treating, but the very particular games we played, such as dunking for apples, or better still for coins, and of course the dressing up.

The stories and games haven’t changed much over the years and it was a pleasure to see the little ones from the area making their own memories.

The group meets on the first floor of the Community Centre, Thorncastle Street, Ringsend, every Tuesday and Friday morning, from about 10am-12pm. It’s a great way for the parents and carers to meet people, especially if they are usually at home or new to the area.

It’s also a great place for kids to learn how to get along with their peers in a safe environment. Many of the friends they make at the group will be their friends throughout their school years.

The carers and parents run the group themselves, with the help of Debra Clinton and the local Home School Liaison Officer, Mr Donal Lehmann. All are welcome. Each drop-in meeting costs €2, to cover the basic cost of the tea, coffee and treats.

By Jennifer Reddin