DCC Notes

The Dublin City Council South East Area committee held meetings in June and July.

Councillor Mannix Flynn requested that something be done about the rat infestation along the Dodder, specifically at the Milltown Car-Park Bring Centre. The manager replied that a “deep clean” of the bottle banks has been asked for by the end of May. In addition, Waste Management Services – Maintenance Section is investigating and is using a pest service company, who will be laying bait.

Councillor Kieran Binchy inquired as to whether any action would be taken with regard to issues of illegal parking and cars idling at St. Mary’s and St. Brigid’s national schools, and the Dylan Hotel,” whether directly through clamping, or through the Gardaí”. He further suggested that it could be done through “liaison with the identified school and hotel premises”. It was clarified that “the council’s parking enforcement contractor” was, though limited in what they could do, visiting the locations and may “take enforcement action wherever possible”. In addition, it has been referred to the community Garda, who may issue fines if deemed appropriate, as well as the council’s Road Safety Officer, who will liaise with the school to highlight safety issues around parents parking near the school.

Additionally, Cllr Binchy requested that the continuing issue of “speeding on the Strand Road, Sandymount be addressed.” He stated that, while the speeding cameras were helping, many drivers were slowing down, then speeding, then once more “slamming on their brakes as they approach the roundabout half-way along the Beach Road, Strand Road stretch.” He requested that additional measures be taken to reduce speeding. The area manager replied that the cameras, both of which were installed in 2015, indicated that “the 85 percentile speed has been reduced to 50 kph” meaning that a majority were reducing their speed according to the camera data, while “”violations are down to below 12%.”

Councillor Chris Andrews asked who was responsible for the water quality in the Grand Canal Dock area. The area manager replied that Waterways Ireland was responsible. Furthering on from this, Councillor Dermot Lacey brought forward a motion from the councillors requesting the council discuss “the apparent disregard for the planners on Dublin City Council and the local residents along the Grand Canal by Waterways Ireland,” and seek a meeting with Waterways Ireland to discuss concerns. The area manager responded that if the councillors were in agreement on having such a meeting, Waterways Ireland would be contacted and requested to attend.

During the July session of Dublin City Council, councillor Dermot Lacey asked the council to “outline the reasons for the low water pressure in Canon Mooney Gardens.” He added that this had resulted in “low water pressure intermittently with no explanation for the residents”. Cllr Lacey requested a full report on the matter was made “as to the cause and the steps that are being taken to ensure that residents have a safe reliable water source in their homes”. He was informed that the matter had been referred to Irish Water and that Cllr Lacey would receive a reply from them in due course.

Cllr Lacey stated that the DCC Committee had agreed to “request the Traffic Engineer to develop a comprehensive traffic plan for Lansdowne Park, Ballsbridge.” The previous report on the matter stated that the traffic signs and Pay and Display signs were all correct in the area. In addition, “there are no outstanding traffic service requests for Lansdowne Park.” It concluded that if “any additional measures are required” they can be referred to traffic@dublincity.ie for assessment”.

Cllr Claire Byrne put forward the motion that the area committee supported “the residents of Ringsend and Irishtown in their efforts to erect a ‘Welcome To Ringsend’ sign in the area,” and that it should be included as part of the Ringsend and Irishtown Local Environment Improvement Plan (LEIP). The proposed locations are around Ringsend Bridge and just after the Garda Station on Irishtown Road.
According to the report, the LEIP plan for Ringsend and Irishtown was adapted at the June meeting of the local area committee. There will be additional consultations with regard to phase 8 of the Plan under Part 8 of the Planning and Development Regulations 2001 in autumn 2017. According to the report, “the location and wording of appropriate village signs” would be best agreed at this time “as part of these detailed consultations.”

Cllr Claire Byrne delivered the area committee’s motion that “John Sweeney be retained in his role as sports development officer in Irishtown Stadium.” The area manager explained that “it would not be appropriate to comment on deployment of individual staff members.” The manager then outlined the background to the issue. The Dublin City Sport And Wellbeing Partnership was created in November 2015. It was created by Dublin City Council in partnership with “partners and stakeholders and guided by a high level board of leaders in sport, business, health and city council.” Its aim was to improve sports and wellbeing for local people and to become a leader in this. As a result of ongoing developments within the organisation of this partnership, sports officers have been necessarily reassigned to new locations, effective from June 6th 2017.

Compiled by Kevin Mac Sharry