Fair City Leave Site

A town in the Dublin 4 area that was built in the eighties, 100% state owned, has the most predictable climate known to man and its inhabitants known throughout the country for both good and evil deeds, is set to be demolished.

The town, which is not listed on google maps, and has a dialect and accent incongruous to its surroundings will be literally moved a few hundred metres to the right due to the State selling the land off to a private real estate company.

The town is of course Carrigstown, the set of Fair City, and the land it is currently on is now owned by Cairns Homes PLC who paid €107.5 million and who are planning on building 500 apartments and nine houses on the 8.64 acre Donnybrook site.

According to the Acting Corporate Communications Manager at RTE, Neil O’Gorman, the Fair City site won’t be moved until sometime in 2018 and the proceeds from the sale, as stated publicly by Director-General of RTE, Dee Forbes, will be “invested in capital projects, including much-needed technology upgrades and key digital infrastructure, and in making important changes to our organisational structure, essential workplace improvements and reducing debt levels.”

One of these investments, Forbes declared, is to have Fair City in high definition. In addition, to reduce debts, Forbes proposed increasing the tv license fee but then added in a further statement that this idea was nonsense.
Whether these new residents will have suspenseful lives such as the original dwellers had in that same spot is yet to be seen. However, one thing for certain is that the Carrigstown gang will take the weather with them.
by Paul Carton