The Cinema Corner – March 30th

Movie of the week – A Quiet Place

You’ll have to wait until Monday for this week’s must see new release. A Quiet Place stars Emily Blunt and director John Krasinski as a couple attempting to keep their family safe in the wake of an alien invasion. The twist is that the aliens are blind, so if you keep quiet you’re safe. Of course, that’s easier said than done, and Krasinski does a fine job of mining tension and suspense from the novel scenario. It’s a better Spielberg movie than the actual Spielberg movie opening this week.


No sport has been explored on screen so often as boxing. Paddy Considine directs and stars in Journeyman, the story of a boxer who suffers mental issues following a head injury. Considine and co-star Jodie Whitaker are excellent, but the movie is a little too interested in mining cheap sentiment and some of the character’s actions are hard to swallow.

Ready Player One

A mere three months after The Post, Spielberg is back with Ready Player One, his adaptation of the cult Ernest Cline novel. Set in a future where citizens are obsessed with a nostalgia driven virtual reality game, it’s a soulless and overblown slog that simply piles nostalgic references on top of one another to the point where it all becomes unbearable.

By Eric Hillis of