The Cinema Corner – April 27th

Movie of the week – Beast

It seems for the past few weeks I’ve been bringing positive news about the Irish film industry, and this week you can catch a star making turn from an exciting new young Irish actress. Beast stars Kerry born Jessie Buckley as a troubled woman who falls for a mysterious stranger whom the local police on the island of Jersey consider a suspect in a string of murders of teenage girls. It’s a gripping thriller that keeps us guessing as to the motives of its characters, and features some stunning visual storytelling from first time director Michael Pearce.

The Old Dark House

If you’re a fan of the great British filmmaker James Whale, the Irish Film Institute is where you need to be this weekend. Whale’s 1932 thriller The Old Dark House has been newly restored and plays all week at the IFI, where you can also catch a double bill of Frankenstein and its superior sequel The Bride of Frankenstein in a double bill on Saturday, and my favourite of Whale’s films, The Invisible Man, on Sunday.

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

Last week you had the chance to see the first two instalments of Sergio Leone’s ‘Dollars’ trilogy, and this Sunday you can complete the set with The Good, The Bad & the Ugly playing at the IFI on Sunday. Epic in scope and scale, it’s a rousing climax to one of the all-time great movie trilogies.

Planet of the Apes

Not to be outdone by their rivals across the river, the Lighthouse are screening a bumper crop of classics themselves this week. Highlights include Bonnie & Clyde, Escape from LA (Friday), Planet of the Apes (Saturday), Badlands, My Own Private Idaho (Tuesday) and Thelma & Louise (Wednesday).

By Eric Hillis of