The new tidy town committee for Raytown pays floral tribute to its boating heritage


Photos: By Rose Sunderland

The Ringsend and Irishtown Tidy Towns and the Environment committee (R.I.T.E) launched ‘The Raytown’ flower boat over the weekend. The boat was donated by the Mayor of Raytown, Deke Rivers and its flowers planted by members of the R.I.T.E and volunteers from the area. The R.I.T.E  are planning on asking for the Tesco Community fund but they need the community’s help, so if you would like to see this committee work for the area you can nominate them by filling in the Tesco community fund form which you can pick up at the local store in Ringsend and when filled in drop it back there. Or alternatively you can do this on This fund can be anything up to €1000.