DCC Notes for December 2018 / January 2019

Images courtesy Dublin City Council from the December 2018 presentation to SEAC illustrating the proposed new playground at Seán Moore Park.

By Alexander Kearney

December 10th SEAC Notes

On the 10th December 2018 the monthly South East Area Committee (SEAC) meeting took place with Rose Kenny attending as South East Area Manager, and Ruairí McGinley (Ind) in the role of Chair.

Presentation: Playground at Seán Moore Park

The Senior Executive Parks Superintendent, Michael Noonan presented a proposal for a new playground at the Eastern end of Seán Moore Park. The design of the playground, which has received a Part 8 notification of approval subject to conditions, was carried out in consultation with children from local schools. An observation from Clanna Gael Fontenoy GAA club proposed that netting be erected to protect the playground from any incoming balls from a nearby pitch. The project is fully funded by the Dublin Waste to Energy Community Gain Projects Grant Scheme (applied for by The Sandymount Tidy Towns Association). Mr Noonan stated that he was uncertain about a commencement date, but that money must be drawn down before the end of June. Councillors received the proposal positively and agreed to recommend it to the Council. 

Yellow lines on Wellington Lane:

SEAC agreed a motion by Cllr Dermot Lacey (Labour) requesting the Area Manager “to outline why double yellow lines were placed on Wellington Lane, Dublin 4 against the wishes of residents when the simple fact is that cars parked along the road in front of the houses acted as a safety barrier…” The Council stated that “The area engineer will order a speed survey to assess if the lane warrants the introduction of extra traffic measures. In order for the area engineer to consider implementing changes… it will be necessary that all the residents’ associations from Heytesbury Lane, Pembroke Lane and Wellington Lane submit full support (signature with proof of address) for the assessment of this area.”

Scooter Scourge in ‘Google Land’:

Cllr Paddy McCartan (FG) raised an issue on behalf of a constituent who wrote, “This morning while driving on Park Avenue, Sandymount I observed a man with his young son both travelling on the road on the same scooter which is an accident waiting to happen. I have written twice to the Minister Shane Ross on this and never received a reply. This is a regular occurrence in the area and one only has to go to “Google Land” to observe the so-called trendies using the same means of transport to get around. These items either need to be banned or regulated by ensuring that they are insured…” Cllr Flynn also asked for a report on the use of scooters and skateboards in the area. The Council responded that “Clarification on the use of electric scooters on footpaths and on the public road and the need for insurance is a matter for the Department of Transport Tourism and Sport. The Environment and Transportation Department will write to the Minister to convey the councillor’s question and request clarification on these issues.”

Living in Tents:

Cllr Claire Byrne (Green Party) asked the Area Manager “what efforts have been made to find alternative accommodation or homes for the number of people now living in tents along the Grand Canal.” The Council answered that “Dublin’s Housing First Intake team… works with our Central Placement Service and the HSE-funded Safety Net service to provide outreach services, street level healthcare and accommodation options to people rough sleeping in the Dublin region.” It went on to state that there were approximately five to 10 tents observed in the area from Portobello Bridge to Grand Canal Bridge on a regular basis, though not all tents were occupied (some contained belongings). It concluded, “If you see anyone sleeping rough in the Dublin Region please report it to: www.homelessdublin.ie/report-rough-sleeper.”

January 14th SEAC Notes

On the 14th January 2019 the monthly SEAC meeting took place with Brian Hanney attending as acting South East Area Manager, and Ruairí McGinley (Ind) in the role of Chair. Councillors paid tribute to Kevin O’Sullivan, Public Domain Officer, who will be retiring.

Future of the Graving Docks

Cllr Byrne followed up on a question from April 2018, and an agreed motion form April 2017, “that this area committee calls on the area manager to initiate the process by which a variation to Docklands SDZ can be made in order to provide for the long-term protection of the Graving Docks in Grand Canal Dock.” The Council replied that Waterways Ireland had appointed a conservation consultant to carry out a full assessment and archaeological test trending report. It added, “A representative from Waterways Ireland will be enlisted to make a presentation to the next South East Area Meeting.” SEAC was told that Waterways Ireland had given an update presentation to Docklands Oversight and Consultative Forum (DOCF) on Monday 14th May 2018, where they gave “an assurance that the two open docks will remain open, and that 30% of the development will be set aside for community purposes.” The response concluded that, “It is considered that the City Development Plan and the Docklands SDZ provide adequate protection of the graving docks.”

Risky Situations on Ringsend Bridge:

Cllr Frank Kennedy (FF) asked the Area Manager to respond to a query raised by a constituent regarding pedestrian and cyclist safety at and near Ringsend Bridge. The constituent wrote, “A few days ago I saw a man almost get hit extremely hard in the head by a bus wing mirror as I crossed the bridge behind him”, and of the danger to cyclists, “I’ve almost been irreparably harmed twice and see others in risky situations…” The Council responded that, “The emerging preferred option for the Dodder Greenway proposes a parallel walkway on the downstream side of Ringsend Bridge to address the poor pedestrian/cycling provision associated with this bridge. It is intended that the preferred option will be finalised in February 2019 and that the project team will then proceed to produce [a] preliminary design for the entire scheme. Ringsend Bridge is a protected structure and careful consideration will need to be given to its status and heritage value during the design process.”

Ringsend Village Plan

Cllr Kennedy also raised several points on behalf of a constituent who wished to be updated on plans for Ringsend village. SEAC was told that the Ringsend Irishtown Local Environment Improvement Plan (LEIP) was adopted at the June 2017 SEAC meeting, following extensive public consultation during 2016 / 2017. The Council intends to pursue Part 8 planning applications for the redesign of Library Square and Cambridge Road. Regarding Library square, it stated that, “A draft design proposal will be brought to a public workshop for all stakeholders in January / February 2019.” It went on to explain that, “An initial public workshop in relation to Cambridge Road was held on Thursday 30th August 2018 in the RICC on Thorncastle Street. Meetings with internal stakeholders took place in September and October and designs were drafted based on consultations which were brought to a second public workshop/meeting on 28th November 2018. Further refinements are now being made and it is expected to initiate the Part 8 Planning process early in 2019.”

Copies of the Ringsend Irishtown LEIP Report and minutes of related public meetings can be viewed at http://www.dublincity.ie/main-menu-your-council-your-area-south-east-area/ringsend-irishtown-village-local-environment