Hato’s run: The Pit Stop Krew pays tribute in D4

Dave Hatton’s plaque on the grounds of St Patrick’s Church

The Pit Stop Krew stopped by at Ringsend church as part of their Tunnel Run to remember their member Dave Hatton. The run now known as Hato’s run pays homage to their loyal member who passed away 15 months ago.

Tony Hatton, Dave’s brother with wreath. Photos by Kathrin Kobus

At St.Patrick’s church, Dave’s brother Tony spoke fondly of him, standing beside a plaque placed on the grounds of the church, he thanked the crowd of motorcyclists on behalf his family,

“He is gone 15 months, but it still hurts like hell. But it has been a consolation to us all to stay in contact with you”, said Tony.

Celebrants at Dave’s memorial

 Before that Father Tonge had given his blessings to all the scooters and bikes assembled next to the church.

Some of them were already blessed with beauty and history, a vintage light blue GTS300 Lambretta 70​th​ anniversary edition and the only one in Ireland.  Owned by chairman of the Pit Stop Krew -Scooter Saviours Paul Lennon and its choice of colour refers to a certain Manchester football club.

The oldest example pointed out to NewsFour was another Lambretta L I 150 from 1975 as they lit up Irishtown road.

Organiser Paul Barigan rounded up the event “We’ll do this trip today along the coast to the Shoreline Hotel, some raffles and afternoon tea, basically it’s all for charity. This year we’ve chosen the Cardiac Intensive Care unit at the Mater Hospital, because they looked after Dave.”

The fundraising already started in Ringsend with commemorative pins changing hands for donation of a fiver in the bucket. NewsFour is sure that a substantial donation will be made in Dave Hatton’s name to the Mater in the near future. 

By Kathrin Kobus