Knowledge STEMs from curiosity: Science Week’s 25th anniversary

Plasma ball, courtesy of wiki commons.

Geneva Pattison

Now, perhaps more than ever, we are living, breathing and celebrating science in all its various forms. This year has seen the world looking to scientists for guidance, advice and hope for a better future. November 8th to 15th will see the return of Science Week in Ireland, marking the 25th year since its inception. As the restrictions for Covid-19 are still in place, the events for Science Week will be moved online.

Science Week’s theme for this year is “choosing our future”, centering around how logical choices made now, can influence our future lives for the better. Some of the topics up for discussion and exploration this year include, the future of health, wellbeing and the future of work. Talking about the dilemma of climate change, along with conversations about the environment will also take place during the week.

Chemistry Set, courtesy of Needpix.

There are a wide selection of online events that are enjoyable for all ages. You can book a place for these free, virtual events through Eventbrite. Fun talks include The Forensic Science Show with the Junior Einstein Club for ages 4-12, a forensic mystery where children learn how to use science to solve a crime. Another event to watch out for is Electrified at Emplorium with Mark the Science Guy, which will showcase electrifying experiments about how lightning works, suitable for ages 8+. Use the hashtag #believeinscience to follow the events online as they happen, or post your own experiments to get involved and be inspired.

Dr. Ruth Freeman, Director of Science for Society and Science Foundation Ireland commented on the changed delivery of events for 2020, saying; 

“ This year, Science Week aims to inspire the public with our numerous virtual events and to lift the nation’s spirits.  Science offers us possibility and hope, but it is important that people get involved in the conversation. We want to encourage everyone to participate in the variety of events and conversations available online; there is something for everyone, and every interest. I want to thank all the dedicated organisers working across the country for developing some really creative ideas this year. As we mark the 25th anniversary of Science Week, we are delighted to welcome the ASPIRE with ABBOTT event. This virtual conference will offer anyone a chance to get first-hand insights on STEM careers from some of the brightest minds in the industry.”

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