What change do you want to make? A moment to pause for reflection . . .

One time a girl told her grandmother she was worried about the future, everything was so confusing and all the mixed messages on social media only made it worse. Her wily grandmother asked her  this question: “are you a potato, an egg, or coffee beans?”

Puzzled, the girl inquired what she meant. Then, without saying a word the grandmother got a potato, an egg, and some coffee beans from the kitchen along with three pots of water. She put each item in a separate pot and set them to boil. After some time she fished them out and remarked to her grand-daughter that they had all been changed in some way. The potato, which went in hard, came soft and mushy. The egg, with only a thin shell over its liquid content was now hard. They both had been affected by the water in one way or another. However, when it came to the coffee beans, they had changed the environment;  turning the water a dark brown, and filling the air with a beautiful aroma. The moral here, the grandmother pointed out, is that you can be changed by the events in life, or, like the coffee beans you can change the world around you. 

Which are you going to be?