Meet the Team

Managing Editor / Community Employment Supervisor:

Susan Daly
I am a Dublin 4 local from Bath Avenue. After 26 years service in a large D4 organisation, I took time out to raise a family. Following the birth of my son, I spent 3 glorious years at home after which I returned to work on a part-time basis with NewsFour.  I took on the role of Advertising Sales Manager and gained valuable experience in the running of the whole operation. When the opening came up for CE Supervisor, I couldn’t believe my luck and was successfully selected for the position. I am a highly organised and hardworking individual and am now fully committed to continuing my career on a full-time basis here at NewsFour.

Print Editor:

Beibhinn Byrne
Music savage, recovered Vogue addict, lover of difficult novels and poetry, political junkie, dancer, talker, walker, foodie, nature enthusiast, yogi – I’m allergic to being pigeon holed by the potted bio, for like Walt Whitman, I contain multitudes. Don’t we all? And it is this that I love about journalism, the myriad-mindedness of the job. The diversity of people we meet – their experiences, stories, circumstances and situations. I believe in its power of communication and community. Local news strengthens communities and strong communities strengthen democracy. I’ve worked as a freelance journalist and editor for many years across print, radio and television as well as founding and running The SuperNatural Food Market, the local organic market on Pearse St. Born with a pen in my hand, I’m happiest in the middle of it all.

Graphic Design/Layout:

Eugene Carolan
EugeneStudied commercial art and design. Overjoyed when Apple introduced computers to do away with paper, gum, transfer lettering and fume-filled darkrooms. Interest in photography since mid-teens, combined with a passion for travel. Interest by necessity in DIY, interior design and slash-and-burn gardening.

Online Editor:

Paul Carton
I get bored easily and it’s usually because I’m not been challenged. I can get stuck in a loop if I dont leap out of my comfort zone. This is obvious if you look at my CV. Ive jumped in and out of everything. But finally I think ive found something that suits me. With this job I get to talk to alot of people and delve into as many diverse topics as I want, as long as its Dublin 4 related, of course. Years of nightclub work have deafened me somewhat so forgive me if I misquote and my eyesight aint the greatest so please excuse me for frowning at you when we speak. Nevertheless, I’ll get the point across to readers in the community for as long as they allow me to.


Alexander Kearney
On completing a degree in History of Art and Architecture, I joined a dedicated team to record and reconstruct the studio of Francis Bacon in Dublin’s Hugh Lane Gallery. The experience was fascinating and eye-opening – not unlike the artist himself. In the dying days of the Celtic Tiger, I took over the building of a highly unusual new house near the Grand Canal, after one too many ‘differences’ with the original contractor… A long adventure followed, one in which I led a talkative and talented group of tradesmen to deliver a home that looked liked a floating coffee bean sandwiched between two thick walls – this was how it was meant to look. I’ve always been fascinated by Dublin’s buildings and streets, and grew up at a time when they were blighted by neglect. Now the city is facing new challenges as developers drive to ‘push up’ and maximise value.The Docklands, Ringsend, and Dublin 4 are changing, and I want to show readers what’s in store, and how it might transform their community.

Kathrin Kobus
I come from East Germany, the town of Brandenburg after which the Brandenburg Gate is named.English is actually my third language after German and Russian but has become my first in a way since I moved to Ireland in 2002.A year later my son was born and we’ve lived in Ringsend since Christmas 2004. After school I began to study German and English but decided to go straight into learning by doing and joined a local TV station in the south eastern town Chemnitz, formerly known as Karl-Marx-Stadt. There I learned the ropes of local reporting and presenting and did that for nearly a decade before and behind the camera. An envisioned career break for a couple of months for travelling turned into becoming a single mum and changed life plans on a big scale. Am looking forward to contributing to NewsFour paper and discover many little and not so little stories in our community.

Eoin Meegan
My initial degree was in English and Classics, followed by a Masters in English Lit., in NUI Maynooth where I worked as a tutor and part-time lecturer. While I loved the buzz of academia a nagging voice told me I was only living from the neck up, so I graduated into Personal Development, and became a total addict! I ended up training in various healing modalities, and worked professionally as a Life Coach for a time. But the writing bug got me again and I set up my own website which explores the nature of what it is to be human in a spiritual body, and other weird things! Arriving at NewsFour was like a natural progression where I get to relate stories on a daily basis. Another of my passions is walking. In 2009 I did the Camino de Santiago de Compostela in beautiful Northern Spain. I think I get inspiration from walking and movement. My theory of life is that we continuously experience our “thinking”, rather than what we’re thinking about. It has kept me sane!

Peter McNamara
I’m a writer from Dublin. I’ve published short stories in a few literary journals in Ireland, and have even drafted a novel or two. I have a law degree from Trinity College, and have worked as a waiter, an office administrator, a decorator and a handy-man. In a past life I was also a singer in a band (but maybe the less said about that the better)

I feel very lucky to be part of the NewsFour team. I love meeting people, and celebrating their unique stories. And I believe in the power of community. In this age of fake news and fear-mongering, strong local communities can give us each a sense of perspective and belonging. Working at NewsFour, I want to keep people proud of their locality, and informed of all its goings-on.

David Prendeville
I’ve studied film at undergraduate and Masters level. I co-directed the 2015 feature film ‘Monged’ which played at the Galway Film Fleadh amongst other national and international film festivals. I have been a regular contributor for Film Ireland since 2013, writing numerous reviews, articles and interviews. I look forward greatly to contributing to the Newsfour team, with my focus particularly being on cultural and arts stories.

Graphic/Web Designer:

Lizzie Doran
jen profileI attended DIT, Kevin Street, as a mature student where I was awarded a BA in Visual and Critical Studies. The course included the study of visual culture and the roles that art and design play in contemporary society. It also included philosophy; psychology; theories of gender and cultural identity; aesthetics; theories of exhibition and some aspects of web design.

After that, I progressed to study for a Masters in Creative Digital Media in DIT, Aungier Street, where I learned the skills and knowledge of digital media technologies and studied the specialist production techniques of the digital media industry.
The subjects I studied for the MSc included Authoring Principals (HTML, CSS & JavaScript), Design Practice (colour theory, typography), UI Design, Dynamic Web Applications and Digital Media Tools (Adobe After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator).

Community Administrator:

Rose Sunderland 
I have lived in Irishtown all my life. For the past ten years I have been running my partner’s company in the construction industry.  My passions are family, travel, playing guitar, cycling, swimming and snorkelling. I also have a passion for vintage and classic cars and I’m on the Irish Jaguar and Daimler club committee. We run the largest car show in Ireland ‘The Irish Classic and Vintage Show’ at Terenure College which hosts about 1200 cars each year. I was 12 years in a hill walking club and climbed Massif Central in France, Everest to Base Camp and the Atlas mountains in Morocco.  I am the administrator for the ‘Irish Pedal Steel Guitar Festival’ Facebook page. This event is held once a year in Dublin where players from all over the world come to play for one weekend. Some of the greats I have helped come to the festival are Garth Brooks and Eric Clapton. I’m looking forward to my new role as Community Administrator at NewsFour and the Fair play cafe. It is a new challenge for me.