Meet the Team

Managing Editor / Community Employment Supervisor:

Gemma Byrne
Gemma Profile

I am a Dublin 4 local, born and bred in Sandymount. Actually, I was born in Holles Street, but you know what I mean.

My work history is varied to say the least. In my very distant past I was an actor and when I realised that wasn’t for me I worked in advertising and magazine publishing. I then spent many years working in construction and property (’til that all came to an abrupt end!).

I came to work in NewsFour back in 2010 and spent a very happy three years here. I then went off to cut my teeth as a Community Employment Supervisor elsewhere. I jumped at the chance to come back to the fold as soon as the opportunity arose and I’m thoroughly enjoying the challenge.


Ferg Hayden
fergus headshotHaving previously co-founded and written for a paper at college, it is with great excitement that I return at last to the profession that fuses with my outlook and love of writing. My journey since has crossed many paths such as psychology studies, world travelling, and professions in social care. I have also been self-employed and experienced the economic tsunami that took many businesses down. Recently I am student of digital marketing and internet communications. Always observing and being glued to current affairs and people stories, I am a great believer of the “extraordinary in the ordinary.” As the newest member of the team I look forward to bringing the stories of Dublin 4 to the people of the area and beyond!

Graphic Design/Layout:

Eugene Carolan
EugeneStudied commercial art and design. Overjoyed when Apple introduced computers to do away with paper, gum, transfer lettering and fume-filled darkrooms. Interest in photography since mid-teens, combined with a passion for travel. Interest by necessity in DIY, interior design and slash-and-burn gardening.

Advertising and Web Design:

Stephen Whelan
steve w headshotI have lived in Dublin for most of my life and have travelled to different parts of the world over the years, recently returning from Old Blighty with a degree in visual communications in my back pocket. I have been in the graphic design business for a few years now, working both freelance and for different companies, which I have really enjoyed doing. My other passion in life is music and I have gigged and recorded with bands since the early nineties. My greatest achievement is that I have played with most of the bands that I grew up listening to! Working at NewsFour is a great experience for me, and to work in a great environment is a big plus – apart from having to vacuum the office once in a while!

Online Editor:

Paul O’Rourke
Having originally worked in finance, I exited lickety-split after single-handedly causing the global financial meltdown; Oops! Absconding to Argentina, I taught local children, “Dublin” English, resulting in a generation of confused Argentinian mothers wondering why their hungry chisellers claimed to be a certain Lee Marvin.
My return to Ireland coincided with the Celtic Tiger ending, resulting in some quarters calling for my immediate deportation. My passion is screenwriting and I’ve had a feature film funded by the Irish Film Board and a TV show developed by an Emmy award winning producer. Currently awaiting my big break, if you call NewsFour and I’m gone: it’s happened!

Jennifer Reddin
jen profile
For many years I worked in bars, restaurants and clubs, waiting tables, serving behind the bar, as a front of house manager and eventually as manager of a busy bar. As a genuine people person I really enjoyed the work, if not always the schedule.

In 2009, I returned to education, something which had been on my bucket list since I left school. I loved studying Contemporary Culture and Society in DCU and count the experience as one of the best in my life.

After college I did a course in Digital Marketing to get some marketable skills. I perform well in areas that require administration, problem solving and analytical skills (equally as a team leader or in a supporting role). I am proficient in marketing strategy; digital strategy; customer acquisition; public relations; brand promotion; marketing metrics and analysis; SEO; content provision; project management; international business communication; social media strategy and marketing campaign planning.

I have well developed networking skills, from my hospitality days. When I saw a position for a journalist/researcher at NewsFour advertised I jumped at the chance to get some experience in print journalism. It has given me the opportunity to do what I most enjoy, get to know interesting people and tell their stories.

Harry Bradley
harrys profile thumbnail
Described variously as “one of the most distinctive traditional flute players of his generation”, “my youngest of three children” and “that eejit” I wandered a curious route around the rural byways of Irish traditional music culture before finding myself working at the coal face of Dublin 4’s premier community news outlet. I have meditated in the ancient Buddhist temples of Japan, smoked hookahs with Bedouin tribesmen in their tents in the ancient Jordanian metropolis of Petra, and have survived for a week and a half on ham and cheese crepes from the back of a Breton chap’s car at the Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann. As a student of both Social Sciences and Arts (English) I am in an excellent position to be none the wiser, but, being from inner city Belfast, retain a respect for community and the power of individuals and groups to create and affect positive social change.