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  • Housing is a Right, Not a Privilege
    Housing is a Right, Not a Privilege
    As of July 2023, the IGB Housing Action Group has met with the developers of the IGB site who confirmed they made available to our own Housing Department the entire allocation of Social and Affordable homes on Phase 1....
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  • Nerds Assemble! (Image credit: Wikimedia)
    Dublin Comic Con 2023
    Dublin Comic Con returns for its 10th anniversary at Dublin’s Convention Centre. From August 12-13, fans of all things geeky will converge on Dublin's city centre to meet some of their favourite celebrities, buy merchandise, and attend panels and workshops....
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Memory Lane

  • End of an Era in Donnybrook
    End of an Era in Donnybrook
    On 9th July past McCloskey’s of Donnybrook closed its doors for the last time. Situated in the centre of the village, and at the heart of the community, the pub will be a big miss. ...
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  • Actor Aidan O'Sullivan as Leopold Bloom.
    Straw hats at the ready! (Bowler hats are also encouraged). Ireland’s most literary film festival is back for its fourth year running. The Bloomsday Film Festival was set up to be a celebration of cinema, literature, and artistic...
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  • So Proud of Our Girls in Green
    So Proud of Our Girls in Green
    Ringsend’s own Abbie Larkin, who just turned 18 last April is the youngest member of the Irish Women’s Football team who represented Ireland in the FIFA Women’s World Cup in Australia....
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Food & Wine

  • Minding your own self
    Minding your own self
    It is so important to be very careful when we are around children, they absorb all our moods and words, and they deserve to be protected from this. It is their job as children to learn, play, be protected and...
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  • Glasnevin Cemetery

    Glasnevin Cemetery

    Picture, if you will, 19th century Dublin. Death plays a hefty role in working class life. Parents deny their children a comfortable existence so they can bury them in style, inner city churchyards overflow, body snatching is rife and the […]...
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  • Horror Hotspots

    Horror Hotspots

    With Halloween just around the corner I decided to take a bike ride around the local area to find out where our top horror hotspots are. First stop Misery Hill, Grand Canal Quay. In the 1500s, Misery Hill was home […]...
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  • Olympic Days

    Olympic Days

    What a great Olympic Games. London certainly came up trumps and our very own team Ireland were magnificent. I first became interested in the Olympics when my mother bought me The History of the 1948 Games in Craddock’s bookshop in […]...
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  • League Legends Recalled

    League Legends Recalled

    In days gone by, League of Ireland often threw together some great local derbies, Shelbourne and Rovers would be a big one. In our young days in Whelan House (the first flats in Ringsend) we were divided as to who […]...
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  • The Banshee

    The Banshee

    Sightings of banshees in the Ballsbridge area, reported as recently as September of this year stirred me to write an article about it. The name banshee originates from the Irish word bean sí or woman of the fairy mounds. She’s […]...
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  • Oh baby, baby...

    Oh baby, baby…

    As far back as records go, Irish women have had more children than their sisters across Europe and today is no different, with Ireland leading the population growth league by a considerable distance. While the number of inhabitants within Europe […]...
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  • Remembering Anthony (Flyer) Flood

    Remembering Anthony (Flyer) Flood

    First Birthday Away From Home Born 8th October 1941 Birthday wishes we send today, To the Stars in the sky not far away, Let the Stars be your candles, Keep them burning bright, So when we look up to the […]...
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  • An Autumn Approach

    An Autumn Approach

    There was an Autumnal feeling in the air as I walked up the recently restored Dodder walkway. The light of the sun was reflecting off the giant glass dome that is the Aviva Stadium. The water in the Dodder was […]...
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  • US Election Fever

    US Election Fever

    The campaign to take the White House is in full swing, with President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney gearing up for the last few weeks of campaigning. Next week the candidates will partake in a series of debates that each […]...
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  • Lest We Forget

    Lest We Forget

    November is the month when the British wear a red poppy to commemorate those who sacrificed their lives during wars. The eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month marks the signing of the Armistice on 11th November […]...
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  • Martin Moore: A Policeman in 1940s Palestine

    Martin Moore: A Policeman in 1940s Palestine

    Too often personal stories get lost in history. When public commemorations happen, a parade will be planned or a dignitary will speak of the number of lives lost and progress we have made in the years gone past. But captivating, […]...
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  • Tony (Rasher) Doyle R.I.P.

    Tony (Rasher) Doyle R.I.P.

    The family of the late Tony (Rasher) Doyle wish to say a sincere Thank You to all those who helped us, sympathised with us, donated their time, sent condolences, called to the house with food, flowers etc. and who were […]...
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  • Open House at Poolbeg

    Open House at Poolbeg

    The famous power station is among the many buildings open to the public in October How much value do you place on the buildings that make up your city? Do you see them as merely bricks and mortar, some of […]...
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  • Get Ready, Get Set, GoCar

    Get Ready, Get Set, GoCar

    Last week I had a drive in a new car which offers a new concept in car ownership in Ireland. We have always been obsessed with owning a car, but now with the recession we have become more aware of […]...
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  • They Came, They Scored Touchdowns, They Won

    They Came, They Scored Touchdowns, They Won

    One or two of you may have noticed the swarms of American football fans who landed in Dublin on the weekend of September 1st. As NewsFour reported in our last issue, the college football brilliance of the Fighting Irish of […]...
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