Dancing at Dodder View

dodderThe Dodder View Cottages Street Party on 8th September celebrated 100 years since the houses there began construction. The event was a massive success for a community still coming to terms with the 2011 flooding.

The street party attracted over 200 visitors. The sunny weather contributed to the day, which saw friends, neighbours and visitors come together to relax and enjoy great entertainment.

The idea was born when the residents’ committee, formed in response to the floods, realised the cottages dated back to 1912. The party was an opportunity to welcome the return of those displaced by flooding back to their homes and also to mark the centenary.

After the welcome speeches, local historian John Holohan spoke. The Communication Union Workers Band kicked things off in style.

The barbecue started and people sat at tables eating and enjoying the sunshine. There was a display of old photographs from the neighbourhood. Pippa the clown appeared for the kids. There were spot prizes, a DJ and karaoke as festivities continued long into the night. On display was a community arts project, a knitted flood wall highlighting the requirement for adequate flood defences.

Businesses in the area supplied all the food, prizes and refreshments and were extremely generous in supporting the event. One of the organisers, Deirdre Billane said “I’d like to thank everyone. It was a whole community effort.” Co-organiser Ann Kelleher said, “It was a massive success, I’ve had phone calls from people saying what a memorable day it was.”

By Rupert Heather