Do you think the Poolbeg Chimneys should be re-painted?

VoxPop_Frank Chirop

Frank Chirop – Sandymount

“Very often in pictures of Dublin you see the chimneys, they are a landmark. Yes I’d like them to be maintained.”

Padraig Thomspon – Ringsend

“Yes, they are a landmark and should be used for the community.”

Tara Wilson – Ringsend

“No. If you live around here you get used to them and don’t take that much notice. I’d spend the money on something else.”

VoxPop_Alecia Fleming (2)

Alecia Fleming – Irishtown

“Yes. They are a landmark that everyone knows. No matter how much it costs I would re- paint them. Sure, the Government knows how to spend it on themselves.”

John Craddock – Ballsbridge

“If they need it, I’d say yes.”

Tracy Lynch – Donnybrook

“They do need to be tidied up and brightened, they bring people to the area.”