Marble benches at the Lighthouse

Marble Bench 1I took a walk out to the lighthouse on a fine sunny day during the month of November and for the first time noticed two new marble benches which have been erected by the loving families of two men who used to go there. I availed of the seats and admired the view.

The first bench was dedicated to Michael McGrath (1947 – 2009) and the engraving read:
Many a day walking the wall
Watching ships passing
Some fast and some tall.
Whatever the weather
Crossword in hand
The only flaw in his day
Was no choice but to stand.
Now that he has left us
We have gotten this seat
So when we meet on the wall
We can all rest our feet.

The second bench at the lighthouse had the following engraving:
In loving memory of Thomas (Tommy) Bolger who died here at the lighthouse on the 7th of October 2010. We hold you close within our hearts and there you shall remain.
Your ever loving family.

By Jason McDonnell