Dropkick Murphy’s in Vicar Street


On the 13th of January the Dropkick Murphy’s played Vicar Street resulting in the usual mosh pits and shenanigans associated with the band.

An American punk rock/Celtic folk band from Boston who started out in the 90’s they made a name for themselves playing St. Patrick’s Day festivals in and around Boston. One of their biggest singles “I’m Shipping Up to Boston” was featured in the Academy Award-winning movie “The Departed” and went on to become an anthem for Boston sports teams while other big favourites with the fans are songs like the Fields of Athenry and the Rocky Road to Dublin, which are played a lot faster and heavier than any other versions. They write most of their own songs but also throw in the odd AC/DC cover now and again at gigs. They are quite a large band with banjos, accordions, bagpipes, tin whistles, electric guitars and a full set of drums, making them a pretty unique group. There’s a real party atmosphere with a real Irish vibe to their gigs.

The first time I saw them was at the Avalon near Fenway Park – the home of the Red Sox on St Patrick’s Day in 2006. I had also seen them earlier that day on a float at the St. Patrick’s Day parade which was a great experience. It’s been said of the people of Boston that they are even more Irish than the Irish when it comes to that day. They eat corned beef and cabbage and the pubs are full from seven in the morning til seven the following morning and everyone is bursting with Irish pride.

The band also have a charitable foundation called The Claddagh Fund founded by Ken Casey, the lead singer in 2009 to raise money for underfunded non-profit organisations. They focus on childrens and veterans organisations and programs that support alcohol and drug rehabilitation in cities across the America and around the world. They also focus on supporting child and youth cancer research and give opportunities to vulnerable and disenfranchised youth.

I’ll definitely be playing a couple of their songs over this St. Patrick’s Festival weekend.

By Jason McDonnell