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Q. My house is suffering leaks. Can I fix them later or are they causing damage?

A. If you see a problem, get it fixed before it becomes a few problems. Around 40% of the house inspections we do relate to the proper identification of such leaks.

Leaks are either caused by rain from the outside or from a plumbing problem internally. The plumbing issues are more common where renovations have been carried out and normally relate to a loose pipe connection, when the plumber does not carry out a proper pressure test before the walls are closed up. These problems are urgent and can’t be ignored as plasterwork and finishes can be damaged in a short space of time.

The more common leak however is from a slipped slate on the roof. Before the 1940’s roofs typically had no underlying felt so the slate was the only line of protection. This slate should be repaired without delay by a recommended roofer (Help My house can provide this) but if the roof is getting continual repairs then some- or all of the slopes should be re-slated with breathable felt (to avoid condensation issues) and new treated battens can be provided. Never, ever, ever, respond to a “roofer” calling to the door telling you that you have a problem.

Gutters and downpipes are also responsible for many leaks. Plastic guttering has joints which clip together and these can dislodge. As well as this, older cast iron guttering can corrode, especially when partly embedded in plasterwork, as they often are at downpipes. The problem with such leaks is that a large amount of water is concentrated onto the gutters before it bleeds into the building. The wall will dry out when the problem is fixed typically but internal plasterwork may become loose and need to be re-applied.

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By Anthony Brabazon