Wackadey Wack the Property Tax

Local politic groups aling in opposition to property tax 1

Several local residential groups are aligning in opposition to the new local property tax in a effort led by the No to Property Tax Campaign (NPTC)

NPTC have held a number of local meetings over the past year opposing the Government’s plans to introduce a property tax. Recently the campaign has joined with the Bath Avenue and District Resident’s Association and other local advocacy groups from St. Andrews Resource Centre on Pearse Street, creating a local political movement that is determined to make their voices heard.

“We oppose the property tax on the grounds that it is an unjust tax. We think people are being unfairly taxed while others are being let off the hook,” says Annette Mooney an organiser of the NPTC. Mooney stresses that ultimately the introduction of a property tax is more about paying off bank debts than local services- an argument regularly voiced by opponents of the tax.

The NPTC have held a number of meetings in the past few months leading up to the official introduction of the new tax, one of which was attended by Thomas Pringle an Independent TD from Donegal South West. The campaign also held a national day of local protest in the Ringsend Library in March.

“The campaign is in every area, and basically we need people to come onboard and join us. In the Fine Gael manifesto it said it will not impose a property, the people were lied to by the Government,” says Mooney.

The Local Property Tax (LPT), as it is officially known, will come into effect from July 1st 2013 and be administered by the Revenue Commissioners. The NPTC plan an indoor rally and a several street protests for this coming May.

By Liam Cahill