Doggy Day Care

Doggy Day Care

For the last few years, local dog lovers Alan Pullen and Fiona Brannock from Ringsend have run The Fluffy Mutts Grooming Salon in Unit 2, Cambridge House, Ringsend and have just opened the D4 Doggy Day Care Centre in the adjoining Unit 4.

Fiona is in charge of grooming, hair cutting, nail trimming and more in The Fluffy Mutts ever since she completed her training with Mutt Ugly in Ranelagh. She decided to go out on her own and has built up a lot of regular customers thanks to referrals around the area. Alan, meanwhile, is in charge of the new D4 Doggy Day Care Centre. He has had a love for dogs all his life, looking after not only his own pet but also spending a lot of time looking after injured and stray dogs when he was younger.

After completing a course with Dog Training Ireland in Blanchardstown, he decided to set up his own dog training and obedience school, along with a social and pampering crèche for dogs. The training and obedience side of things is separate from the centre and you can talk directly to Alan about that, as each dog needs to be assessed individually.

The crèche, pampering, socialising and walking service has a dog trainer and dogs are supervised at all times. Specially designed rubber mats are onsite so the dogs don’t pick up any injuries.

The D4 Doggy Day Care Centre is open from 7.30am to 6.30pm Monday to Friday with a provision for earlier pickups and overnight stays. The centre is also open on Saturdays from 11am to 4pm for people going into town or shopping etc. There is ample parking on the street outside.

The cost of leaving your dog for the entire day is €15 and if you leave your dog there a lot during the week it works out at around €10 a day. Alan says that the dogs have a great time. They get well pampered, get to socialise, are well fed, well watered and walked two or three times a day.

Phone Alan on 0858487035 or email:
Phone Fiona on 0879219811 or email

By Jason McDonnell