The World Turns Gay on Its Axis

The World Turn’s Gay on its Axis 1

As our Government juggles the rights of the gays and the girlies in the air, waiting to see which one explodes and causes the biggest mess for them to prioritise, other ‘Catholic’ countries are putting civil rights before churches’ slights.

The Supreme Court of Brazil, population 194 million (123 of whom are of a Roman Catholic bent) have followed in the fabulous footsteps of Argentina and Uruguay and stated that marriage licences should not
be denied to same-sex couples.

In May, Rhode Island, Delaware and Minnesota became the 10th, 11th and 12th States in the US to make the union of Adam and Steve as valid as that of Adam and Eve. While in April, Germany, France and New Zeland either opened the door to gay marriage – or blew it off its hinges, by legalising it.

That same month 79% of delegates at the Constitutional Convention here in Ireland voted in favour of Gay Marriage. But a referendum is unlikely to be prioritised. Taoiseach Enda Kenny has refused to share his personal opinion on the matter – probably after the appalling abuse flung Lucinda Creighton’s way when she said she believed marriage to be between a man and woman only. The issue is to be debated in the Dail before Summer’s end.

By Caomhan Keane