A Coupla White Chicks

Company d press release

Sharyn Hayden has been between these sheets before, for her hilarious stand-up show Shazwanda Up The Duff and her musical comedy night The Fandora Club. Having starred in Tracy Martin’s The Wave last year, she has caught the theatrical bug and is combining her saucy humour with her more serious chops in a brand new production from Company D productions. Called A Coupla White Chicks Sitting Around Talking it’s penned by John Ford Noonan and runs at The New Theatre, Temple Bar, Dublin 2 from the 19th – 24th of August.

“It’s less spontaneous,” she tells me, talking about how she approached the work in a comedy play as opposed to doing a comedy act. “Obviously, since there are a lot of rehearsals and planning involved I have to up my game on my social skills – I’m so used to working on my own that I have to learn to play nice with the other children.”

A zany romp about a mismatched pair of female neighbours as they fight, scheme, cheat, laugh and love, what made director David Scott want to do a comedy written in the 70s as his latest project?
“I came across the play while searching for great roles for women I could use in studio classes,” Scott tells me. “I loved the play and decided I would do it one day when the right actors came along. Which they have.”

What about Shazwanda? Will she be appearing on a stage near us anytime soon?
“Shazwanda has been busy roaming Dublin’s north inner city for the last year, searching for the identity of her baby’s da. So far, the possibilities are Darren from Love/Hate or the owner of a Chinese takeaway on Cork Street. She’ll figure it out eventually and she’ll be back.”

See www.sharynhaydencomedy.com for more info on Sharyn Hayden.
The New Theatre, Temple Bar, Dublin 2, 19th – 24th of August, 7.30pm, €15/12 conc.
Phone 01 670 3361.

By Caomhan Keane