A New Kind of Bridge?

A new Bridge

The sporting legacy of Ringsend and Irishtown has been given a boost following the recent promotion of local team Bridge United to the AUL Sunday Second Division. Keen to nurture the community pride the area is notorious for, Michael Grant Renault has taken on the task of sponsoring the team.

Speaking to NewsFour, Director Mike Grant explained how a sporting background had prompted such a decision. “We moved onto the Beach Road location last October, having traded for a number of years on the Northside. I’ve just finished another season playing with Clontarf Athletic, so there’s a love of football there. Unfortunately, time is catching up with me and I’m looking into playing at over 35 level.”

Alongside uncle and business partner Michael Senior (who played for Clonliffe Rangers), both men have been keen soccer fans for a number of years and are keen to encourage local support in the ‘Wambles’.

The economic climate and relatively short spell since Michael Grant Renault located in the area has meant currently limited involvements with both Clanna Gael Fontenoy and Bridge United, but Mike has said he hopes such involvements will expand in the future. The team’s recent promotion to the second division has been a great lift to the local support, but comes as no great surprise to club manager Boy Murphy who adds, “We really deserved promotion and I felt this before half way through last season.”

The manager has welcomed the new sponsorship as he prepares for the forthcoming season. With the two-time Cullen Cup winners stepping into an unknown league regarding teams and fixtures, Wambles followers will be encouraging the team for a repeat step-up next season.

The backing of local business such as Michael Grant Renault is seen generally as a great move by the company in establishing healthy roots in the area, according to Deke’s Diner persona and Bridge United committee member Tony ‘Deke’ McDonald, who said, “Sports are a great way of keeping the unemployed youth in the area active without doing anything illegal or harmful.”

Hopefully, sponsorship may pay homage to the old clichè, where success breeds success.

By Eric Murphy