Life Through an International Lens

Life Behind an International Lens

The sound of a mobile phone spurting out techno in a church has tried the patience of even the most saintly parishioners. The serenity of the house of God combined with the latest internet technology is not a pairing that settles easily with everyone.

Yet despite being frowned upon by many of the elderly community, modern technology has carved a niche into older people’s lives through regular radio and TV broadcasts of religious services, particularly amongst the less mobile members of the community.

Website firm MCN Media from Northern Ireland has picked up on the idea of providing live webcam coverage from 83 churches and cathedrals around the world. 21 of these are based in Dublin, including one from Ringsend.

Whilst most of the time you will be faced with an empty altar, many can now enjoy a local church event from the comfort of their own armchair, no matter what the time. It also means the viewer gets a good view of the proceedings without having to get dressed up. Friends and relatives in far-flung corners can witness a church occasion live.

Sadie Fitzsimons is one of the local parishioners who regularly attends to the upkeep of St Patrick’s church in Ringsend. Sadie is delighted with the webcam and the live online coverage. “I’ve a relation in Chicago who watches it regularly. He can see the local events and it gives him the opportunity to see me the odd time in our church from far away.” Sadie says she knows of people in the States who get up at odd hours of the day to watch the religious services here.

By Eric Murphy