Beatles 50th Anniversary

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RTÉ news reporter Frank Hall interviewed The Beatles when they came to Ireland to perform in November 1963 and tomorrow we mark the 50th anniversary. I stumbled across an interview on RTÉ player and was nearly in tears laughing at the simplicity of our nation once upon a time. The interview starts off with the introduction of Hall to the Beatles at Dublin Airport. Hall says “There’s no use saying ‘are you surprised by your success?’ because quite plainly you’re not a bit surprised.” I think it’s the way he says it that for me makes it sound hilarious. John Lennon and Paul McCartney quickly reply with “we are surprised” and McCartney jokingly adds “if we looked surprised every day we would look off our heads.” During the interview Hall asks the boys about their Irish backgrounds but the noise of a plane interrupts the interview. This just adds to the beauty and hilarity of the interview when compared to the more structured method of a high profile celebrity interview we’re used to seeing nowadays.
After the interview Hall finds himself being pushed around by hoards of screaming girls desperate to catch a glimpse of the stars. You can see his patience wearing thin as he stares back to the camera. His irritation takes hold when he starts shouting “Quiet, Quiet, for heaven’s sake” to the fans. Imagine if an RTÉ presenter was filmed today amongst One Direction fans yelling at them to be quiet. Now that would be something to watch.
As Hall takes himself away from the crowds, he talks with a few young girls asking them what they like about the boys. They respond in their Dublin accents “the singing, the hair, they’re gorgeous and their leather jackets”. Hall asks another woman what she thinks of them. “I don’t like them” she replies. “Thank goodness for that” he retorts, “well then what are you doing here?” “We’re gettin’ tickets for next week for Helen Shapiro.”
This interview brings back the whole unpretentious innocence of our country and who we are. I think most Irish people will get a laugh from it. It certainly put a smile on my face.

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By Donna Dunne