Local Sikhs Clean Up Sandymount


In celebration of the founder of Sikhism local Sikhs clean the streets of Sandymount. Sunday 17th November marked the 545th birth-anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, founder of Sikhism. He was born in 1469 in then undivided India and now Pakistan. Inspired by his message of community service, Sikhs of Gurudwara Guru Nanak Darbar on Serpentine Avenue in Sandymount, planned a neighbourhood cleaning drive in the Sandymount area.

On Tuesday, 12 November 2013, around 30 Gurudwara members swept the streets which are littered with tree leaves. Dublin City Council provided bags, brushes and gloves and the clean-up went for over 4 hours with nearly 70 bags filled.

By Jason McDonnell