Return of the Milkman

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Father and son team Patrick and Paddy Kelly are milkmen who deliver to your home, so you can wake up to fresh milk on your doorstep. But there will be an extra reason to wake up early this week and that is to receive your retro glass milk bottle.

To mark the 25th anniversary of Dublin’s Millennium of 1988, a survey was conducted asking Dubliners about their memories of that year and the Premier Milk Millennium Bottle came out on top as one of Dublin’s best memories from 1988. To celebrate a replica edition of the milk bottle will be delivered to customers by Paddy and Patrick of delivery service My Milkman, starting this week.

Amanda Ryan from Premier Milk said: “We were amazed to find out that three out of four Dubliners don’t know that milkmen still exist. We also discovered that many Dubliners have kept their original Millennium milk bottle as an heirloom or they still use it as an ornament or vase. We’re delighted that both the milkman and the commemorative bottle are making a comeback.”

Why use this old traditional service you may ask? When supermarkets became more popular the milkman’s role declined but milk is a food source used in most households everyday. This service conveniently delivers the freshest of milk, collected from the depot that morning at 2am. You can order online along with other items such as juices and yogurts. Patrick delivers to Ballsbridge, Donnybrook, Sandymount, Dublin 4 and Dublin 2 and Paddy covers Rathfarnham, Ballinteer, Sandymount and Rinsgend. To become a customer you can register on the website by first selecting the area you live in and giving your name, address and details. Typically the service is 3 times per week and milk is delivered before breakfast.

So bask in the memories this week or retell the story to younger generations of the milkman, milk van, glass bottles, foil tops and how once it was a regular sight to see a row of houses with a white bottle of fresh milk waiting outside. With delivery of food direct to your home becoming an increasingly popular service, even online store Amazon sending non-perishable goods by post, the milkman may make a major comeback, here’s hoping.


By Leeza Kane
Pictured: A replica of Premier Dairies Millennium Milk Bottle produced in 1988 for their doorstep customers.