The Ten Best Movies of 2013

ten best movies of 2013

With 2013 drawing to a close, NewsFour’s resident movie obsessive looks back on his ten favourite films of the year.

10. The Broken Circle Breakdown
This Belgian drama about two musicians whose relationship falls apart following the death of their daughter is equally angry, depressing and joyous.

9. Just a Sigh
Gabriel Byrne stars in this romantic French drama as one half of a couple of strangers enjoying an all too brief encounter in Paris.

8. To the Wonder
Marmite (you either love him or hate him) film-maker Terrence Malick almost parodies himself here but it’s a film that can only be described as stunning.

7. No
Gripping look at the advertising campaign that led to the removal of General Pinochet from Chile’s government.

6. Ain’t Them Bodies Saints
A beautifully shot and acted contemporary, yet lovingly nostalgic, western.

5. Like Father, Like Son
This Japanese tale of parents who learn their six year old son isn’t actually theirs is both the most heart-warming and heart-breaking film of the year.

4. Metro Manila
A Philippines set movie from British film-maker Sean Ellis, Metro Manila is the sort of riveting crime drama western cinema no longer produces.

3. Blue Jasmine
A new Woody Allen movie is an annual event and Blue Jasmine is his best work this century. Cate Blanchett is on fire as a snob trying to adjust to life following the jailing of her rich husband on fraud charges.

2. Mud
Matthew McConaughey’s career revival continued in 2013 with this excellent old school piece of American storytelling. With a sweat drenched Southern setting, the film draws heavily on writers like Mark Twain and Flannery O’Connor and it’s the type of film I thought America had forgotten how to make.

1. Computer Chess
This one took everyone by surprise. A dark comedy set during a computer chess tournament sometime in the early eighties, Andrew Bujalski’s film is like no other this year. Its cast is comprised of unknowns but you come away feeling you’ve known these characters, and the actors portraying them, forever.

By Eric Hillis

Picture caption: The year’s best movie, Computer Chess