Flood Damage?


Flood Damage? Threshold want to help bail you out

For large parts of the country, 2014 barely hesitated in its beginning, going from the holiday season to the high drama of storm force gales and torrential rain. Although for the most part Dublin has been mercifully spared the worst, you don’t have to have an elephant’s memory to recall the last time the city’s rivers burst their banks (in fact, if you saw the Liffey the weekend before New Year, then you know how close the city came to repeating that incident).

With this in mind, Threshold, the National Housing Charity have this week issued a page of tips for people living in private rented accommodation who have been affected by flood damage. The tips, which cover eight critical steps to be taken in the event of flood damage to your home, are available as a free one-page download at:

In a press statement issued on Monday 6th, Senator Aideen Hayden, current chairperson for Threshold, emphasised that tenants are legally obliged to take whatever precautions against flood damage that they can, the simplest and most obvious being for those who live in at risk areas to acquire sandbags.

Renters who have been affected by flood waters are advised to contact Threshold directly on the following numbers: 1890 334 334 for the Greater Dublin area and Eastern region of the country; 021-4278848 for the South; and 091-563080 for the West of the country.

Image above of the flood wall on the Dodder, which has reportedly cracked allowing water to briefly spread over Stella Gardens last week.
By Rúairí Conneely