Do You Believe in Healers?

Do You Believe in Psychics

There’s a lot of superstition in the world about psychics and whether you believe in them or not. It is something most of us are still very curious about.

Catherine Woods is a psychic and healer who featured in NewsFour back in 2004 about her association with The Animal Foundation in Kildare. Catherine is still involved and devotes her time raising funds for the foundation. This time round Catherine spoke about her healing powers.

When reading tarot cards Catherine refuses to look at you, she looks beyond you. She admits this is so that she can’t pick up anything from you because she just wants to interpret the cards. This is how she channels her psychic abilities. Catherine was persistent in saying that everyone gets an accurate reading with the hand they pick.

As well as being a psychic, Catherine claims to be a healer but admits, “everyone heals themselves, there’s no such thing as a healer.” The healing sessions take place in her house. She recommends clients to come to her for six sessions. She has a small, cosy room surrounded by pictures and colour. The client lies down on the bed and relaxation music is played in the background. I was lucky enough to receive a healing session from Catherine.

Catherine placed her hands over my forehead and within a few minutes told me she could feel a ball of stress and asked me who this man was who causes me all this stress. She said, “this guy, he loved you and you didn’t love him. You need to forgive him.” Catherine asked me to say out loud ‘I forgive him’. She told me to repeat this every night for a week but I didn’t. She said if I don’t forgive him I won’t move on with my life.

There is actually someone who causes me these stresses and exactly how Catherine described. The funny thing was this person contacted me that night and I haven’t heard from this person in a long time. Was it a coincidence?

“There are indeed healers who no doubt bring some relief or insight into the lives of those people who believe. I think that a big part of this might be that these healers are often caring people who express through their manner an understanding attitude,” explained psychologist Eoin O’Shea from South Dublin Psychologists in Dublin 2.

“Some research has been conducted by social psychologists suggesting that when we perceive the giver of advice to be an authority, we are more likely to treat that person seriously. People who believe in psychic powers may indeed be more likely to act on their advice.”
Catherine says, “When the person becomes relaxed, I feel the energy moving and I say what I feel.” To receive healing you need neither belief nor faith, the main criterion is that you remain open-minded enough to give the healing a chance to work.

Catherine was born with a caul on her face, which bestows the gift of helping people to see the light and to be healed. The caul, which is written about in the Bible, is a sign of a mystic or spiritual healer.

Catherine understands that people are sceptical of her work and says, “I’m not here to impress anyone. Don’t judge me until you come to see me and when you come to see me to have a reading or a healing, then we can talk about whether you believe it or not.”

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By Donna Dunne