Commotions and an Exhibition

Celtic Commotion3

A new exhibition of artwork is opening this coming Thursday (March 6th) in the Front Lounge bar, Parliament Street. The group behind the exhibit are A Celtic Commotion and as you might expect given the name, the work is themed around Celtic imagery and iconography.

A Celtic Commotion is comprised of three graduates of Sandymount’s Rosalyn Park College: Sonja Leander, Sueann Moore and Ed Byrne. Each bring their own styles and influences to the group, creating what is expected to be a diverse exhibition featuring contemporary takes on classic Celtic knot work images, modern portraiture, and Irish and European mythology.

The Rosalyn Park College connection not only led to the formation of the group but is partially setting the agenda for the future. Sueann Moore explained to NewsFour that “we (Ed, Sueann and Sonja) met through Rosalyn Park Rehab College, we all suffer or have suffered from various disorders and we felt there wasn’t enough exposure or opportunity for artists who might have that in their background. There need to be more opportunities to validate creative people who might suffer disabilities.” As such, the group has a long term aim to attract more “creative souls affected by issues such as emotional, physical, mental, spiritual and physical restrictions”.

For more details, see their Facebook page or their site

Image: Elemental by Sueann Moore
by Rúairí Conneely