National Time to Talk Day

Green Ribbon Campaign Launch 3

Launching the annual Green Ribbon Campaign for See Change, the National Stigma Reduction Partnership, ambassador’s with experience of mental health problems, Laura Louise Condell and Una Kavanagh get the message out there. Picture: Finbarr O’Rourke

Break the silence this Friday as part of Time to Talk Day.

The national event is a part of See Change’s Green Ribbon Campaign, which aims to remove the stigma around mental health by bringing discussion out into the open.

See Change’s Green Ribbon Campaign Manager, Sorcha Lowry said, “You don’t need to be an expert to start talking about mental health or have all the answers. Sometimes the most helpful thing you can do is to let someone know that you are there for them and simply listen. Anyone of us can go through a tough time but the silence around mental health stops people seeking help and can make the experience of being unwell even harder.”

It’s easy to take part. Simply take the time to talk about mental health, whether it’s at home, in your workplace, at school, or in the local community. You can help to spread the word by tweeting using the hashtag #TimetoTalk.

By Aimée Mac Leod