Street Feast 2014

Street Feast 2013  Pic: Marc O'Sullivan

Street Feast 2013
Pic: Marc O’Sullivan

Enjoy some food and fun times with your neighbours this Sunday with Street Feast.

Now in its fourth year, Street Feast is an annual event that sees communities across the country getting together to host lunches, potlucks and street parties, and enjoying a wealth of locally grown food while meeting and reconnecting with those who live nearby.

Street Feasts are a fantastic way to get back in touch with your community and to celebrate Ireland’s diverse and multicultural neighbourhoods – not to mention that they are a great excuse to have a party!

To take part, click here to find your local Street Feast, then simply turn up with a dish of your own to add to the potluck.

If you want to find out more, go to the Street Feast website, or check out their video on YouTube. You can follow them on Twitter, where the hashtag #StreetFeast2014 will help you keep up to date with events as they happen nationwide.

By Aimée Mac Leod