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UCD Burst Pipe Causes a Stir
The South East Area meeting of Dublin City Council was told UCD burst a pipe back in May.

The burst pipe caused damage to some houses in Beech Hill and Airfield Drive, supposedly due to the fact the pipe was connected to pipes in other parts of the city, resulting in a backup.

“My motion is simply looking for a report on the incident and how it happened,” said Labour Cllr. Dermot Lacey.

Cllr. Lacey also said Dublin Fire Brigade failed to respond to the incident, an allegation disputed by Charlie Rowe, an official with the City Council, who said he had been in contact with DFB regarding the incident and concluded it was difficult to assume exactly what happened at this point.

Conservation and Management Plan for Merrion Square Park Broadly Welcomed
A conservation and management plan for Merrion Square Park was broadly welcomed by South East area councillors.

The plan, which was drafted by Dublin architects Howley Hayes in conjunction with Dublin City Council, proposes a number of structural changes to the park, including the building of a new pavilion (which could house art and be used as a seating area) the creation of a cafeteria, and the inclusion of a new entrance.

“This is a pavilion in which multimedia can be projected onto screens; you would come through a central area over a pool, and then on either side you’d have screens and some benches so people can sit and watch art,” said James Howley of Howley Hayes Architects, speaking about the new proposed entrance.

“All of the Merrion Square cultural institutions could have three to five minute video, you could sit in shelter and get a cup of coffee. Effectively, we’re creating a new front, instead of just having a bland back wall onto the park.”

Councillors broadly welcomed the plan, with Fine Gael Cllr.
Paddy McCartan saying although in his opinion it is a “radical initiative”, he is “attracted to the proposal to bring the original path layouts.”

“I’m all on for the preservation and the upkeep of this park,” said Independent Cllr. Mannix Flynn. “I’m confused and concerned in regards to the outdoor screens. I would like to see something along the lines with the Serpentine in London.
I’m delighted we’re placing a focus on this.”

“I think it’s important that we don’t over-commercialise the park,” said Fianna Fáil Cllr. Jim O’Callaghan, “obviously a café is a good idea; I would have slight concerns about screens.”

“This is a timely report, as it comes after the 250th anniversary of the square itself, and is a part of a process that has taken 12 months to complete,” said Michael Noonan, a City Council Official.

Freehill Complains About Gulistan Again
Labour Cllr. Mary Freehill complained again about the Council’s lack of co-operation with her in regards to an issue she raised six months ago.

The issue regards traffic problems in and around Gulistan Terrace in Ranelagh.

“This is nearly six months, and I see it has fallen off the agenda,” said Cllr. Freehill. “Gulistan doesn’t seem to be anywhere now.” Fianna Fáil Cllr. O’Callaghan seconded Cllr. Freehill’s motion, and said there is a problem regarding large trucks.

“In regards to Gulistan, there are just insufficient resources to be on site for every request,” said Donal Breenan of Dublin City Council’s Traffic Division, “a recommendation is due shortly.”

Resurfacing in Donnybrook
Cllr. McCartan asked the City Council to resurface the road at Victoria Avenue in Donnybrook.

The Council said the funds for resurfacing have already been allocated and Victoria Avenue was not included.

“Victoria Avenue is in reasonable condition at present and would not be considered for resurfacing at this stage. The road will be kept under review if its condition deteriorates significantly,” said the Council.

Cllr. McCartan also asked for the roads on Nutley Avenue in Donnybrook to be resurfaced. The Council replied, saying the road didn’t need a resurfacing at this time.

€11,000 Secured for Traffic Speed Reduction
Cllr Lacey and Fine Gael Cllrs Kieran Binchy and McCartan have secured €11,000 in order to reduce speed on the Strand Road.

The money will be used to help build “speed reduction measures”, although the nature of these measures is unclear at this point.

It was also agreed to seek a 30KPH speed limit on the road in order to eradicate or significantly reduce the speeding problem.

Residential Units in South East Area
Cllr. Lacey welcomed the government’s allocation of funds in order to fill over 100 empty residential units in the South East Area.

The funds will be used in order to re-open and maintain the structures and make sure they are habitable for families.

According to the Councillor, a further 350 units have been identified for immediate action. The allocation of funds comes in the wake of a new report by Daft.ie, which shows Dublin is in the midst of a serious housing crisis, with average rent prices rising by 14% in the last year in Dublin City alone, and demand for suitable housing outpacing availability.

Grants Allocated for Community Groups in South East Area
Grants totalling €60,000 were approved for community groups in the South East Area.

Some groups awarded were Scout Groups, Tidy Towns Committees and local Residential Associations throughout the area.

Compiled by Liam Cahill