Poll: Should Poolbeg Towers be demolished?

Poolbeg Towers. Pic:  Maria Shields O'Kelly of NewsFour

Poolbeg Towers. Pic: Maria Shields O’Kelly of NewsFour

Local landmark or costly eyesore?

ESB has recently been discussing the possibility of demolishing the chimneys at Poolbeg Power Station. They have released the following statement: “ESB is currently reviewing possible options for the future of the site and plans to make a decision on the best means of managing the old station by the end of the year. As part of the review process, we will be considering a wide range of issues including the practical feasibility of preserving the towers. We recognise that there is significant public interest in the future of the Poolbeg towers and we will be consulting widely before any decisions are made.”

Reaction has been mixed. Although some agree that it is a waste of financial resources maintaining the structure, many feel that they are an integral part of the Dublin Bay skyline and give the approach to the capital an iconic charm. There have also been some suggestions to reimagine the chimneys and use them for something else.

We would like you to have your say on this matter: Do you think the towers should be saved, demolished, or repurposed?

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We want to know what YOU think! If you think the towers should be scrapped or saved, or if you have an idea of what they could be used for, leave a comment below to let us know!

By Maria Shields O’Kelly