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Walking along the beach recently, on one of my rambles to Bray, I spotted that the door of Bray Rowing Club was open.

This was in January, and I thought to myself that if they are out training already, Bray will surely clean up at the regattas. I looked to see, by any chance, was there a boat on the river, but no, nothing in sight. On I went and looked in to see who was about. My good friend Terry Keogh appeared from the back and I realised there on the stocks was the outline of a new skiff. Terry told me he was in the process of skiff building and I went on with my own journey towards Bray Head.

About a month later, on a Sunday afternoon, I saw the door of the club open. I rambled in and met two of the younger members of the club, Patrick and James. I was amazed at the shape of the skiff in such a short time; it looked to be ready for launching. My next trip to Bray was a family celebration and I was delighted to see the club doors open again. In I went and found Noel Mathews with the boat upside down, as he was putting the finishing touches with paint.

I am looking forward to seeing this skiff going into the water.

I wonder if Dublin Corporation, or the government, would bring back Skiff building to Ringsend. I am very happy to have seen the start of this skiff when I met Terry. Soon the crews will be out on the river training.

I would like to wish all skiff racing clubs the very best of luck for the coming season. My best wishes go to Noel and Anne Walsh. Noel is one of the old founding members of Bray Rowing Club. I’m looking forward to the new skiff season. I would also like to send my best regards to all my good friends at Bray Wanderers.

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Pictured: Noel and Anne Walsh. Image courtesy of Anne Walsh.

By Jimmy Purdy