Davin Released for World Suicide Prevention Day

Actor Frances Healy in DAVIN (2014) by Graham Jones. Pic: Graham Jones

Actor Frances Healy in DAVIN (2014) by Graham Jones.
Pic: Graham Jones

Get an inside look at how we deal with the fallout of suicide as DAVIN is released in the run up to World Suicide Prevention Day.

The film examines the reactions of an Irishman’s friends and family to the news of his suicide. It was in his own car that Davin took his life, and as the mourners drive to his funeral, we see their different ways of trying to come to terms with what has happened.

Each member of the large cast of Irish actors delivers an excellent performance, as the close-quarters setting – in the very place where Davin found himself emotionally trapped – and the stunning rotoscoped visuals bring the reality home. The film’s award-winning director Graham Jones, whose previous titles include The Randomers and How to Cheat in the Leaving Certificate, has been described by Variety Magazine as “a very talented director”.

Davin has been made freely available to watch online in 136 countries in advance of World Suicide Prevention Day 2014 on the 10th of September.

Director Jones says: “It’s a great idea to have a specific date every year when the issue of suicide is highlighted. However, sometimes it feels as if the day just comes and goes without enough attention from those of us outside the support services. This small indie movie is a humble attempt as filmmakers, actors and musicians to send a message to anyone who may be at risk of entering this emotional space. You are not alone.”

The theme of this year’s WSPD is Suicide Prevention: One World Connected, highlighting the need for connections throughout our social, cultural and clinical worlds, in the fight against suicide.

You can watch the full length film here.

By Aimée Mac Leod