Meet your new Local Councillors

It’s time to meet your new Councillors, all clean and shiny ahead of another five years. Can these guys work together for the better of Dublin? And more importantly, what are they going to do over the next five years?

Dermot Lacey (Lab)Cllr. Dermot Lacey
Cllr Lacey was re-elected as one of only a handful of Labour representatives on the new Dublin City Council.
“To be re-elected for a fifth term to the City Council by your own community is an incredible honour, for which I am hugely grateful,” Cllr Lacey tells NewsFour.

So what will be Cllr Lacey’s focus over the next five years?
“The provision of social and affordable housing is a huge local issue that I would like to continue working on,” he says. “On a wider city level, pursuit of a directly elected longer term Dublin Mayor is a must if we are to ever seriously progress the needs, aspirations and possibilities of Dublin and Dubliners.”

Cllr Lacey can be reached through the following:
Phone: 087 264 6960.

Chris Andrews (Sinn Fein)Cllr Chris Andrews
(Sinn Féin)
Cllr Andrews topped the poll in the Pembroke/South-Dock area in the Local Elections, being re-elected to an area he previously represented under Fianna Fáil, both as a Councillor and member of the Dáil.

“It’s not about me, it’s about the policy platform that SF has put forward at local and national level,” Cllr Andrews tells us. “It’s about ensuring that we are as effective as we can be, given we have 16 out of 63 Dublin City Councillors.”

So what about the next five years?
“We aim to deliver the best services possible by City Council to people who live, work and play in Dublin,” says Cllr Andrews. “Housing: make tackling the housing crisis a priority in the City Council. Policing and public Safety: increase the number of Gardaí for Dublin City. Community Development: demand the money seized from CAB to be channeled into community-based drug rehabilitation services.”

Cllr Andrews will hold clinics, but he is awaiting confirmation on locations. In the meantime, he can be contacted at:
Phone: 087 285 1515.

Frank KennedyCllr Frank Kennedy
(Fianna Fáil)
Cllr Kennedy was successfully elected to Pembroke/South-dock, taking the seat once held by Cllr Jim O’Callaghan.

“I was delighted to be elected,” says Cllr. Kennedy. “But, as a new candidate, I am very conscious that when people voted for me it was a leap of faith.”

What does he hope to achieve within the next five years?
“First, working on local issues that fall within the power of the Council. Secondly, continuous involvement with all community activity in Pembroke-South Dock; thirdly, working on broader citywide issues that go beyond the local and will shape the future direction of our city.”
Cllr Kennedy can be contacted through mobile: 087 338 3972 and email:

Kieran Binchy (Fine Gael)Cllr Kieran Binchy
(Fine Gael)
Cllr Binchy was re-elected to Dublin City Council after previously serving as local Councillor.

“I am delighted that the residents of Dublin 4 have elected me back on the Council,” he tells NewsFour. “I am honoured to have the support of residents of Sandymount, Ringsend, Irishtown and Bath Avenue, and of the wider area.”

What about the next five years?
“Over the next five years I will fight dereliction in our urban villages, I will protect our amenities, such as our parks, and seek funding and locations for playgrounds for the new generation of residents,” he said.
Cllr Binchy can be reached through mobile: 087 177 4365 and email:

Councillor Profiles Paddy McCartanCllr Paddy McCartan
(Fine Gael)
Cllr McCartan was successfully re-elected to Dublin City Council.

“Having been co-opted on two previous occasions, it gives me great personal satisfaction to have been the first elected of the Fine Gael candidates in Pembroke/South Dock,” says Cllr McCartan. “I would like to thank the people of the local area for giving me the opportunity to work for them.”
What about the next five years?

“I will continue to be a pilgrim of the pavements, meeting the people of the area and dealing with the queries they raise. As highlighted in my election campaign, my priorities include: completion of the Dodder flood works in Ballsbridge and Donnybrook, continuing the campaign to scrap the Poolbeg incinerator project and encouraging participation in Vibrant Village and Tidy Towns programmes.”

Cllr McCartan can be contacted through mobile: 087 224 8817 and email:

Councillor Profiles Claire Byrne (Greens)Cllr Claire Byrne
(Green Party)
Cllr Byrne successfully won her seat in Pembroke/South-dock.

“I am delighted to be that Green voice for the people of Pembroke South Dock,” Cllr Byrne tells NewsFour. “For me, winning a seat in Dublin City Council means that people recognise the valuable role that The Green Party still have to play in politics.”

So what does Cllr Byrne hope to achieve over the next five years?
“I plan to work hard and do my best to represent the people of Pembroke South Dock and to meet the needs of the local community. I want to see improvements in waste and litter management, provide better transport facilities, and ensure sustainable planning,” she says.

Cllr Byrne can be contacted through her email:

Sonya Stapelton (Independent)Cllr Sonya Stapleton
Cllr Stapleton was successfully elected to Dublin City Council representing the People before Profit Alliance.

“Winning a place as local Councillor for the Pembroke/South Dock constituency is a fantastic opportunity for me to represent people that are struggling on a daily basis,” says Cllr Stapleton.

What does she plan to do for the next five years?
“I plan to cover many areas of council over the next five years. We need schools for our children, community centres, post offices, and to protect local businesses.

We need to protect our communities and ensure that no further financial cuts are infringed on them,” she says. “I believe we need to really look at our housing policies and tackle the homeless issues, overcrowding in homes and deal with the empty flats/houses that are sitting unoccupied.”

Cllr Stapleton can be contacted on her mobile: 085 165 8384 or you can meet her at her clinic times, which are the first Tuesday of each month from 6–7pm in St. Andrew’s Resource Centre, Pearse Street. Ringsend and City Centre clinics are to be confirmed.

Mannix Flynn (Independent)Cllr Mannix Flynn
Cllr Mannix Flynn was re-elected to Dublin City Council representing Pembroke/South Dock. The national media dubbed him as “colourful”, due to his participation in a music video and use of innovative election posters, which allowed people to write positive messages.

Cllr Flynn can be reached through both mobile: 087 224 6664 and email:

Compiled by Liam Cahill