SAMRA’s Fun Day

SAMRA fun day3b

Sandymount and Merrion Residents’ Association (SAMRA), who have been holding annual community events in Sandymount Green since 1969, hosted a Family Fun Day on Sunday 15th June. There were races for kids and adults alike, a raffle and other activities, all played out in glorious sunshine.

Lorna Kelly, who has been actively involved with SAMRA for 50 years, organised the Fun Day alongside Liam Handy, Joan MacArthur, Glynis Casson and Cathal Stanley.

“Sandymount is more like a village in the countryside than a city. There’s a real sense of community here, and so many people who live in the area actively work to make it a better place,” Kelly told NewsFour. “These events are a great way to bring people together; there are always new families moving into Sandymount and this gives them a chance to meet other residents.”

When asked about the costs of putting on such an event, Kelly told us, “We raised the money through subscriptions to our news letter, and from the proceeds of the raffle. In the last few years, Dublin City Council have been making a contribution, which is great. We couldn’t do it without local help though. Joe McCarthy supplied and set up the PA, and all the raffle prizes were donated by local businesses.”

SAMRA need all the help they can get, as they are fighting hard to have the Irishtown Nature Park extended to include reclaimed land that is not required by Dublin Port. “It was agreed with Dublin City Council that any land not needed would be given over as park land, and we’re going to hold them to it,” says Kelly, who envisages a day when the Nature Park is a tourist attraction in its own right, with a visitors centre and amenities that would make it more family friendly.

Cathal Stanley from Park Avenue is another great example of someone who is trying to improve the community he lives in. He organised the races and other activities for the kids and adults who attended, but told us modestly, “Joan MacArthur is my neighbour. I had just moved in and was painting the front of my house. I offered to paint out some graffiti on her wall, and a week later I was a part of SAMRA. I’m just in the background though, supporting them however I can and doing the grunt work really.”

Mairead Finucane and Ciaran O’Connell from Sandymount were there with their son Cian and his grandparents Mick and Eleanor Finucane, who travelled from Malahide to attend.

They all went to the Green to enjoy the atmosphere and meet other local families. Mairead told us, “We joined the residents’ association today but try and attend local events.

Things like this are so laid back; it’s really easy to talk to people, and Cian had a great time doing the races.” When asked what his favourite thing about the day was, two year old Cian replied, “Grandad!”

Pictured: Francis, baby Chloe and Anne Cassidy enjoying the day.

By Steve Kingston