Councillors to Answer Questions on Local Issues

imagereplacementThe Ringsend Community Services Forum would like to invite everyone to Clanna Gael tonight at 6pm, as elected Councillors make good on their promise to return with updates following the questions-and-answers session that was held on the 19th of May.

They would like to have as much input from the community as possible. Here is a reminder of the issues addressed at the last meeting:

1) That in the event of the old IGB site on Sean Moore Road being redeveloped that Councillors will ensure that there will be prior community consultation and agreement before any such development takes place.

2) Will you support the ‘Our Town’ initiative?

3) Maybe a bye law that cans and bottles have a 10cent tax which will be redeemable on returns: i) Encourages recycling and ii) Reduces litter.

4) To support the regeneration of Canon Mooney Gardens and to resurface the original regeneration programme that was passed by DCC and for which the budget for same was ring-fenced.

5) Oppose any base rent increases by Dublin City Council.

6) Dog dirt outside St. Patricks Schools.

7) The richest 300 people in this country have over € 70 billion – up € 20 billion since 2010. With this growing inequality in Irish society between the rich and the ordinary working class people do you support the introduction of a Wealth Tax which could be used to pay for council services?

8) Parking on the streets outside St Patricks Church: try change the times from 7am-7pm to 11am-4pm as this would be of benefit to our elderly parishioners attending mass and removals/funerals. Dublin City Council did say this would be too expensive and it only costs €1 to park for an hour, but if you attend masses every day is can be costly. DCC also said that there’s free parking further down the road but again, if elderly the walk is too far for them.

9) Can Councillors/aspiring Councillors outline their present position to the proposed incinerator project in Poolbeg?

10) Water Fluoridation in the Irish water supply has been proven unsafe and abandoned everywhere else except Ireland.

11) I want to know what their views on homelessness are and what they tend to do about it.

12) With the drug problems that are ongoing in all areas of the city, how are the Councillors going to help addicts?

13) What will be done to encourage teenagers to stay in school after Junior Cert and go on to Leaving Cert or college to avoid the large dropout numbers?

14) In 2009 the electoral areas were made up of Dublin South East, with four representatives; and Pembroke /Rathmines with five representatives. The nine then made up the Dublin Southeast Area committee. This meant that the people of Dublin South East knew who represented them and I presume that the needs of that area were uppermost in the minds of those representatives. Now we have one area with 8 representatives. We are all familiar with the concept that those who gain most from the political process are the better-off classes. Thus it seems that the interest of the less-better-off, that is those in the old Dublin South East, is at risk of being diluted.
The question is: how under the new system are you going to protect the interest of those from this area? The issues we are most concerned with are: access to social housing; access to quality education and training; location of jobs opportunities; community support; community policing; and from my view point enhanced and expanded responses to the drugs and alcohol crisis in the area.

15) Treatment of the Elderly is at an all time low, with post offices and banks being moved further away and an understaffed health care system. What will you do to improve that?

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