Raytown Angling Nurtures Dylan’s Generation

Helen Lacey with Deke in front of The Dylan Lacey.

Helen Lacey with Deke in front of The Dylan Lacey.

The newly-formed Ringsend Angling Club was launched alongside their new fishing boat, The Dylan Lacey, on July 13th.

The boat had not been operated for about three years when some locals who knew Dylan approached Deke, of the award winning Deke’s Diner, and suggested that they fix the boat up, in memory of their friend who tragically lost his life last August.

On the day of the launch, Dylan’s mother Helen said that since the tragedy, “This is the first time I have felt any sense of comfort.” It is now a working, living memorial to Dylan. The boat can never be sold and will always be kept within the Ringsend community.

Charlie Murphy from The Dublin Port Company has provided support, as have locals such as Jimmy Murray, his son Thomas, and local businessman Charlie Kiernan. Deke and Kiernan have pledged their future involvement with the initiative and the commitment by both men to the Ringsend community cannot be mistaken. “From little acorns grow big oak trees,” says Deke.

A gap was spotted where local youths seemed unable to access activities that nurtured their own natural heritage. “It is about keeping the indigenous skills alive in the area, like rope work, boat building and fishing. These skills were once natural to young people from this area and my recent experience tells me that they are being lost.” Deke told NewsFour. “The fishing club will be accessible to those with modest means.

Until now there wasn’t a fishing club in Ringsend and that is like not having a ski club in the Alps. We are being swallowed up by IT companies, which although positive, are also colonising the area without acknowledging the indigenous population.” Kiernan interjects, “Ringsend characteristics are being slowly diluted with each generaton.” It is felt that the once-distinctive Ringsender will be unrecognizable in future years. The men in Kiernan’s family have worked on the docks for generations.

Using a nautical analogy, Deke explains, “The boat has been launched. Now someone from our generation has to steer that for them so that they have the skills to pass onto their own families.”

If you are over 16 and would like to become a member or volunteer, you can like the Raytown Angling page on Facebook, where you can view images of the recent launch and access contact details, or send an them an email.

By Maria Shields O’Kelly