Safe Deposit Boxes – A Sign of the Times, or just a smart move?

merrion vaults editorial

When people think of Safe Deposit Boxes, they usually think of movies like James Bond or The Bourne Identity, and boxes full of cash and gold!

But Merrion Vaults are setting out to dispel that myth. According to Seamus Fahy of Merrion Vaults: “The simple fact is that most of our clients are normal working and middle class people, who just want to keep either sentimental items such as family jewellery, or even old photos, safe, or to keep important documents secure and easily accessible out of their home.”

With boxes at Merrion Vaults starting from as little as €199 per year, renting a safe deposit box is becoming increasingly attractive, and affordable for most people. “It’s really ‘Peace of Mind’ that we offer to people,” says Mr. Fahy, “and the one thing we can assure you is that your true valuables and sentimental items will be kept completely safe and secure at Merrion Vaults.”

With the banks no longer offering a Safe-Keeping service to their customers, Merrion Vaults are picking up where the banks have left off.

But because renting a Safe Deposit Box tends to be something that people ‘put on the long finger’, Merrion Vaults are now offering their ‘4-in-1 Safe Pack’: with every box rented from now until the end of October, new clients of Merrion Vaults will receive a Free Will, plus Free Jewellery Valuation, plus a Free spare set of House-keys cut.

If you are interested in a Safe Deposit Box or the offer above, please call Merrion Vaults on (01) 254 7900 or email them at: